Ardmore Shipping Expands Presence in Singapore


Ardmore Shipping announced it is expanding its presence in Singapore this year as the company formulates a more geographically balanced senior management team.Get more news about Singpaore Shipping,you can vist our website!

In Q4 2022, Ardmore's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mark Cameron, will relocate from Ireland to Singapore where, in addition to his ongoing responsibilities as COO he will also assume the role of Managing Director of Ardmore Shipping Asia. One of his key areas of focus will be further business development opportunities in Singapore and the Far East. He will also be working closely with Gerald Tan, General Manager of Ardmore's Singapore office.

Anthony Gurnee, Ardmore Shipping CEO, said, "This is an important step for Ardmore to strengthen our senior management presence in Singapore and the Far East and we are all very pleased that Mark will be leading this development given his extensive expertise and commitment to Ardmore Shipping. This is an exciting new era for Ardmore Shipping, and we look forward to demonstrating what this change can offer our international customers and colleagues."

Cameron said, "Moving out to Singapore is an exciting prospect for myself and for Ardmore Shipping. Singapore is a global center of innovation for sustainable shipping and decarbonization and reflects the values of our business to the core. This will support our efforts to engage with stakeholders in the region regarding our Energy Transition Plan and grow our presence in a location which inspires innovation, development and sustainable progress. Personally, this is a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to really accelerating our growth in the east."