Today we have a charming collection of Vintage Women Images and these are nearly all actresses! Wait till you see these lovely women, some of whom surely must have been among the prettiest actresses of their time! Featured below are beautiful young ladies wearing costumes and crowns, and others with long luscious hair. Each one is posing dramatically with a unique and interesting expression, making them so fun to look at. Both black and white and color photographs and photo postcards with writing are truly superb. These are wonderful vintage images to use in mixed media or collage work! Some could make great tags as well.To get more news about 2020人妻中文, you can visit our official website.

How divine is this antique photo postcard?!! I think I probably paid way too much for this one, but I was smitten and couldn't help myself! What a beauty this glamour girl is! I love her pose, beautiful face, soft green dress, and of course that amazing gilded folding screen behind her! I hope you like her too!

Here we have an oh so fabulous Lina Cavalieri postcard! Of all the Vintage Beautiful Women on this page, I think Lina is my favorite. My grandmother had a favorite doll named Lina that she gave to me when I was a little girl (I still have her!) and I have a feeling she was named after this actress. Anyway, she is wearing a beautiful bright blue gown, with loads of sparkly jewels. I wonder if her necklace is made of real rubies? There's actually glitter on the postcard. So pretty!
It took me several months to acquire an image of this famous beauty. She is Lina Cavalieri, who was an Italian opera star born in 1874. I was so excited when this gorgeous image finally arrived in the mail! Her luscious red dress with long white ruffles is as stunning as her face. The impressive card itself has a beautiful, ornate design and handwriting.

This is an Old Photo of a French Beauty! Arlette Dorgere was a Stage actress in France. She has the loveliest face and such large soulful eyes. She wears an embroidered pink veil over her puffed light hair. Very pretty!Pictured above is a wonderful antique real photo postcard of actress Gladys Cooper! Such a beauty!! She looks a bit melancholy in this photo, don't you think? I love the dramatic cloudy sky in the background and the gorgeous colorful dress she's wearing! The tinting on this Vintage Actress Image is also beautifully done.

Here we have a Beautiful Actress Photo in Elegant Beaded Gown! In this sepia photo, a woman with a sweet face poses in a classy beaded gown. Her hands are resting on the back of a chair, with a large stone ring on her left ring finger. She has flowers in her beautifully coiffed hair. So nice!

What a marvelous vintage postcard this is!! The postcard is from France and shows a dark haired beauty. She looks like such a diva; just look at the fabulous pompoms on her dress! I think it is quite unusual the way she is off to the side of the postcard, with all that blank space on the other side. What I love is that you can use the blank area to write whatever you like, making it great for tags!! This one reminds me of the woman in the postcard just below. What do you think? Is it the same woman?

Love this one!! Above is an old photo postcard, originally taken in Paris. The card features a very striking looking woman with amazing smokey eyes! The face on this beauty just really spoke to me.

Isn't she stunning?!!! This gorgeous glamour girl is actress Maude Fealy. What a beauty!! This photo is not from my personal collection, but from an archived source, and is in the public domain. I just had to share in case you don't already have this one!