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It's generally safe to believe that public restrooms were bad even before COVID-19. Sure, it's a requirement, but yeah. The absolute worst. Many of us have successfully avoided them in recent months, but now that certain areas are opening up and long road trips may be on the horizon, you may be wondering: How can you use a public restroom during a coronavirus outbreak?

Here's some excellent news for you. While you should obviously adopt safe practices in high-traffic settings like a public restroom, those habits are very simple. They're useful skills to have whether you're dealing with a pandemic when germs are a huge issue or navigating the godless universe of a Taco Bell bathroom. Jason Tetro, a microbiologist and author of The Germ Files, offers some tips on how to use a public restroom during a coronavirus outbreak in the video below.

Using a public restroom safely during a coronavirus outbreak

1. Put on a face mask.

Masks. They're fantastic pals! Friends who are willing to help! Friends who genuinely care about you! They're annoying friends, like people who believe that watching The Office is a personality attribute, but they're friends you want to keep around in the end. This is especially true when there is a large queue for the restroom.

"Wear a mask if you're going into a restroom with a lot of turnovers," Tetro advises. "Keeping that six-foot spacing might be difficult, so it's best to be safe."

2. If at all possible, wait until someone else has done.

Let's pretend you've learned to close the lid when flushing in order to avoid toilet plumes. The problem is that you have no way of knowing whether or not the individuals in the other stalls are taking the same precautions. For the individual who was in the stall before you, multiply that by two.

"At least 30 to 45 seconds after someone has flushed before entering the stall," Tetro advises. "The droplets will be able to fall to the earth as a result of this. If you don't have a mask, hold your breath for that amount of time if you're in a hurry."

3. When flushing, close the lid.

Please accept my apologies in advance for spoiling your day if you haven't heard about toilet plumes. When you flush a toilet, you get what's known as toilet plumes. Everything that comes out of the toilet is aerosolized, and we mean everything. This includes feces and pertains to infections such as Shigella, E. coli, and C. difficile, but it's also been demonstrated to be a terrible way to spread COVID-19.

Thankfully, the best way to stop it is to close the lid before you leave, trapping the toilet plume inside the bowl. Is there no lid? So, darling, keep that mask on!

4. Wash your hands frequently, not just after using the restroom.

While it may appear that using a public restroom during coronavirus is a big deal, the truth is that it spreads in the bathroom in the same way that most viruses do. As a result, the regulations eventually revolve around the principle we initially learned about COVID safety, and that we should've (emphasis on should've) learned about restroom hygiene: wash your hands. Check more info about toilet near me.

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