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I adore anything with heart accessories. I have already a few pieces that I collected since I was in middle school. I have heart hairpins, heart rings, and heart earrings. What I don't have is a heart necklace and so I resolved to address that issue as soon as possible. I researched online and I came across a heart locket necklace and I think I've found what I've been looking for. They're beautiful and have a timeless characteristic about them. They fit all kinds of styles and they come in different varieties. Have a look at heart locket necklace to get more info on this.

The first heart locket necklace I got was a rose sterling silver heart locket necklace with an 18-inch chain. What I like about this is the locket can be engraved so it's a perfect gift to give to friends and family. The necklace is simple and can be paired nicely with all types of clothing. It's also a great accessory to match corporate outfits as well as casual style.

The next piece I got was a vintage style rose heart pendant from an online retail store. I chose this one because of its design and price. I chose to get this at its maximum chain length so it can dangle freely on my neck just like how it was worn in the past. The backside is plain and is perfect for engraving while the front side has a beautiful engraving of a rose. The locket also opens to fit a tiny picture inside.

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My last piece is also my recent acquisition. It is a brass dainty heart locket necklace that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. The design is plain and simple yet because of the manner it came to me, I treasure this above all other necklaces I have. The backside of the pendant has an inscription of the date when we first met.

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