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Over the years since pressure treated lumber come onto the market, most every home constructed including log homes has a deck of some type. Large or small, exotic woods or just the typical Southern Yellow Pine, decks have become very popular. From using them for family cook-outs, lounging or using them as a screened enclosure to keep out insects, decks are an asset that adds value to the home. That is if they are maintained.Have a look at powerwashing princeton NJ​ for more info on this.

We have all seen decks that have turned gray, mildewed and have warped, split and splintering handrails and decking boards. Sometimes they have been neglected to the point that wood replacement is the only option. Oftentimes however, many of these decks can be saved, restored and used for many years to come.

Deck construction, repair or replacement is costly and as an extension of your home, it only makes sense to maintain it. However, because most decks in the southeastern United States are pressure treated lumber, many people consider them to be almost indestructible. They do hold up well in inclement weather especially in damp locations. Pressure treated lumber is very resistant to water. That is why it is used almost exclusively in dock construction. But the drying effect of the sun is what really does the damage. UV rays dry the natural oils in the wood allowing it to split cup and warp prematurely. This is the main reason for keeping a quality sealer applied.

A good analogy is to compare it to dry skin. When your skin gets dry, it can crack and split so you apply a moisturizer. This rejuvenates the skin by adding essential oils. It is the same with wood. The sun's UV rays dries out the wood and a good oil based sealer replenishes it.

The key to deck restoration is twofold. First, the wood must be clean. This means removing any existing finishes, mildew, dirt, etc... Second, the wood must be dry. Wood acts just like a sponge. If it is wet, it will not absorb as much sealer. Therefore, either test the moisture content with an electronic meter or wait several days to be sure it is as dry as possible. The more stain that the wood can absorb, the more protection and longevity can be achieved.

Deck restoration means keeping the wood coated or conditioned with a quality sealer as it is imperative to the longevity of the deck. If maintained properly it can add value to the home and can be enjoyed for many years to come.