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The Free Trafficadbar web traffic system is like no other web traffic system you've ever seen. It is true you get out what you put in, but unlike Traffic Exchanges you don't have to sit through pages and pages of websites to earn a few credits and it's not like PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google, where it's sometimes hit and miss and you end up spending $100's if not $1,000's.

Trafficadbar is a revolutionary new way to advertise your website, webpage, affiliate program, eBay shop or blog. The whole system works on earning free points and climbing the level ladder. Don't think this is the same as boring Traffic Exchange credits, this is so much different. The more points you have, the higher you climb on the level ladder. The higher your level, the more traffic you receive.

What is the level ladder?

Think of the level ladder as a simple builders ladder. As Trafficadbar grows the ladder gets higher and more levels appear. Everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder. Every 3 days the level ladder is updated. The people with the most points are at the top of the ladder. The higher you are on the ladder the more FREE traffic you will receive. Most levels of the ladder will receive up to 1,022 FREE visitors every 3 days guaranteed, but it can be considerably more than that if you use all the FREE Trafficadbar tools.

How long are points valid for?

Each point you earn is valid for 3 months. So if you earn 10 points in January, your total for january will be 10 points. If you earn another 10 points in February your total will be 20 points for February. If you earn 5 points in March your total for March will be 10+10+5 = 25. If you earned 0 points in April your total will be 10 (for February), 5 (for March) = 15 points. Your points for January will no longer count because in April they would be 3 months old. But, if you earned 20 points in April your total would be 10 + 5 + 20 = 35 points for April! Putting this in place means that people can go up as well as down. More importantly, everyone has a fighting chance of getting to the top of the level ladder!

Why is this so much better than any other service?

There are so many reasons why Trafficadbar is the ultimate FREE traffic generator. Firstly, everything you do today will be credited to you for the next 3 months. Unlike Traffic Exchange credits which are here today gone tomorrow.

2) Someone that earns 1,000's of points today, will be back to 0 in 3 months unless they continue to earn points. That way everyone has a chance to get to the top.

3) It's not just other members that will see your website, use the TrafficAdbar and your ad will be placed all over the internet.

4) The level ladder is reset every 3 days. That means that you only have to wait 3 days to see how high you'll be on the new ladder.

5) Watch your progress increase everyday, your points just keep building for 3 months!

So, how do you earn points?

Simple, there are 5 major ways to earn free points!

1) I will send you an email each day with 3 website links for each url you have listed in Trafficarra. Click each link and earn 5-10 points.

2) Refer someone and receive 20 points. Plus, for every 100 points they earn each month, you'll receive a credit of 10 points for doing absolutely nothing!

3) Use the TrafficaAdbar. Earn 3 points every time your ad bar is shown. Plus, your Ad will automatically appear on other people's Ad bars.

4) Manual points score. We'll show you some member ads, click them and earn 2-5 points for each click.

5) Spot prizes, as you use Trafficarra you will see spot prizes awarded for activity, this could be 1-1,000 points!

6) Starter bonus, setup right now and get 1000 points to get started.

How will members see your website?

Every 3 days the level ladder will change. The people who earned more points go up and the people that didn't go down. There are 3 ways that people will see your website.

1. Everyone below you on the ladder will receive your link in the daily email. The email link will send them direct to your website.

2. If you use the ad bar, your ad will automatically be shown throughout our network to thousands of members every single day.

3. If that's not enough we will show your url to other members on the Trafficadbar website.

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