The key skills to convert OLM to MBOX that you should be focusing on!

If you are a beginner at the task to convert OLM to MBOX then this article will surely guide you in the right direction towards attaining perfect final files in the conversion process. Like any other job, successful completion of this one requires possession of the right set of skills so as to convert the files effectively. Of course, having access to a tool that can ease up your burden of the task is cherry on the cake. Thereby, let us begin with that thought.

The OLM to MBOX Converter Tool

One of the prime tools that exist in the market today for OLM to MBOX conversion is USL Software’s OLM Extractor Pro! This tool is filled with brilliant features that make it the ultimate choice for all users from beginners to experts. It is time to define these properties that form the key to unlocking fabulous final files in the OLM to MBOX conversion task.

olm to mbox

Unique skills and features that curate perfect mirror images of data files

OLM Extractor Pro is filled to the brim with such amazing features that empower the users to build solid final files all by themselves. Here is a list of the major ones amongst these:

  1. Easy interface: To eliminate the struggles of the users in the OLM to MBOX conversion process, the creators of this tool have included an interpretative interface. This allows even the novices to sail through without any difficulty.
  2. Speed: The tool promises lightning-fast speed of conversions. Since it is entirely bug-free, the data flow is completely uninterrupted as well.
  3. Bulk conversions: The tool allows conversion of multiple files at once. This helps in saving time and effort of the end user.
  4. Accuracy: The final files have all their elements like contacts, calendars, images, attachments, etc., precisely rebuilt in the new format. The tool also maintains overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.
  5. Smart filters: The users can customize their OLM to MBOX transfer journey a great deal with the help of smart filters defined for contacts, calendars, read/unread files, uploaded content, etc.

What is more is that all of this is available to the users at pretty affordable prices. The tool comes in 4 flexible license keys that can be chosen from based on the usage requirements of the users.

Get your copy today.

An opportunity to test the waters before actually beginning the OLM to MBOX conversion journey!

OLM Extractor Pro guarantees success at the OLM to MBOX conversion journey, however; you do not need to take our word for it. We recommend that you download its FREE demo version to test it all by yourself. This version of the tool allows the users to convert up to 10 items per folder. Thus, the users can freely check out the viability of each and every mentioned feature as per their requirements.

So, do not hesitate and get your FREE demo trial copy today itself. 

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