The most complete way to convert MBOX to PST!

Finding a complete solution for your MBOX to PST Conversion can be an uphill battle. Most conversion solutions present out in the market don’t offer everything at one place. Some of them offer one feature other offers some other but finding a well worked combination of them all can be a little tricky. If you are also trying to get your hands on something like this and cannot, well then this is the article for you.

This article introduces you to the most complete conversion solution present in the market. It not only makes your conversion process more accurate and quicker but also makes it easier to carry out. No technical knowledge is required to get the job done with this conversion solution. 

MBOX and PST and their interconversion

MBOX and PST are two of the most widely used file formats in the email business. MBOX is a very generic file format that is used by most email clients running on the MacOS side of things. It is very multidimensional when it comes to work and data manipulation. The generic nature of the file makes it compatible with most email clients running on the same operating system. Thus, making the process of MBOX to PST migration that much easier.

PST does the same work for Windows Outlook. The only difference between the two formats is the nature of files. PST is not that generic in nature. It is a proprietary file format of Microsoft. Thus, all of the working of the file is limited to Windows Outlook only. Therefore, whenever you need to transfer your data from your MacOS based email client to Windows based email client, you need to migrate your MBOX data to PST format.

Carrying out your MBOX to PST Migration

To carry out your MBOX to PST Migration easily and effectively you’ll need the help of a conversion solution. A professional conversion solution is the best way of doing so. These professional converter tools offer you something that your common conversion solutions fail to do. They offer you modern technological help.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the best conversion solution present in the market. It offers you all the best features of the market combined and confined together into a single conversion solution.

It can convert any *,mbox files to PST file format including Gmail MBOX to PST for Mac and Win Outlook.

It offers features like:

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy: The tool converts everything present in your input file without any complications. The impeccable conversion accuracy of the tool helps you in getting everything converted, from the tiniest details to the most advanced data structures.

Easy to Use: The interface of this converter tool is a game changer. It helps you in getting the job done even if you don’t have any technical knowledge or experience. The step by step guide helps you in getting the job done with support at every step of the conversion process.

Bulk Conversion of files: The tool allows you to convert multiple files in a single go. This helps in making your conversion process quicker and efficient.

mbox to pst

Download the free trial version of the tool today and get started with your MBOX to PST migration process today.