OST to PST Converter Software for Mac and Windows

OST to PST converter with super flexible conversion aptitude!

More often than not we get stuck in our conversion processes due to the rigidity of Microsoft Outlook OST to PST converter tools opted by us. For instance, if one wishes to convert some folders out of the entire lot, an ordinary tool wouldn’t offer specific filters to realize that desire. However, if OST Extractor Pro is at one’s service, such desires coupled with many more can be made a reality. That is the gospel truth that one realizes only after making use of this amazing technological wonder tool- OST Extractor Pro.

USL software has put in vigorous efforts to build up an efficient tool in the form of OST Extractor Pro. This tool not only completes the conversion job for the users but also does it as per the user requirements and customizations. In that, of course, this tool offers the users to make changes during the OST to PST conversion process. The whole process has been made adaptable to ensure the satiety of the users. Read on to learn more about its versatile nature.

ost to pst converter

Keep it all or cut it down to a single file with this OST to PST converter!

When a user makes a decision to move data from one client to the other, there is not just one file that has to be converted. With years of data in the backdrop, users look forward to migrating databases ranging from extra small to extra large in size. As such, OST Extractor Pro is a super-fit for all the users as this tool goes on to accommodate any kind of conversion irrespective of the size of the database.

With auto-load and bulk conversion options in place, a user can opt to convert as many files as desired in a single conversion process of this OST to PST converter. The tool also offers the users an option to make adjustments in the uploaded content. One can choose to leave behind all the empty folders with a single click. Selection and de-selection of folders is another option that proves to be a great aid in building up the new database. This OST to PST converter further lets the users set the PST file size for the converted files. Isn’t that great? From a user’s point of view, it most definitely is!

Glide through the process in minutes with this OST to PST converter!

The use of this OST to PST converter is extremely simple. There are no interruptions, whatsoever, in the whole conversion process. The user can simply sit back and enjoy the conversion ride through to the end in just a few minutes time. Moreover, the hassle-free experience engendered by a user-friendly interface guarantees impeccable output and thereby makes this journey even more worthwhile.  Another added advantage is of course the security of the files that too is ensured by this OST to PST converter tool.

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All in all, it can be stated that this OST to PST converter does the job better than any other tool in this market segment. Get OST Extractor Pro now to start converting your extra-precious database!