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A birthday is one day in a year that calls for extraordinary effort. It is the day where all the attention is on one person. For girls, the occasion is even more remarkable because they look forward to it. While some like to celebrate a whole birthday month, others begin the countdown from a week before. A few want to get a head start on birthday shopping, and a few wait for the pampering to begin. Anyone who pulls all the stops for the D-Day holds a cherished position in the eyes of a woman.

Just because you know that the woman in your life loves it when you go the extra mile for her birthday, doesn’t mean you are full of ideas. After all, a birthday falls every year. How many new ways can there be to celebrate it? Fret not; we asked the most popular florist in Chennai to share their ideas for the perfect birthday gift for a girl. Instead of scratching your head and wondering what to gift your girlfriend or wife this birthday, just take a leaf from our book.

    A whole hamper:

The concept is to give a generous gift that is made of smaller ones. The joy of opening a big gift hamper and then looking at everything that is inside is incomparable.  Every girl in the world loves it. The best part for you is that gift hampers are readily available for online gift delivery in Chennai. Additionally, you can either choose for a pre-packed gift basket or make your own. If you go for the DIY route, select the things you want to be added to the basket, the decoration is done by the shop. From balloons to cakes to chocolates to cosmetics, a female would adore any kind of gift basket.

    Chocolate Bouquet:

There would be a rare woman who doesn’t admire flowers. They are the first thing that any man gifts a lady. The same applies to chocolates and candies. Girls have a special place for those delicious treats. Our next tip for a birthday gift is one that combines the love of flower and chocolates. Present to your lady love on her birthday a bouquet made of candy or toffees. You can either opt for a bunch of sweets tied together with a bow, or a few chocolate bars added to a flower arrangement.

    A 7 Day Celebration:

For milestone birthdays like the 21st or 25th birthday, we recommend a week-long birthday celebration. Each day delivers a small token gift leading up to the actual date. With every present, the lady gets a heartwarming surprise and falls in love a little more. Some of the things that you can send her from day 1 to day 7 are:





    Handwritten letters

    dainty jewellery

    A surprise party for the last day

All three ideas listed above are innovative and creative. We advise you to make them memorable by adding a few lines as a personal message.

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