Is WIX Good for SEO?


It is evident that Wix’s SEO is an excellent fit for any website, providing a suite of advanced tools including optimized website infrastructure, a personalized SEO checklist, and integrations with Google Search Console and SEMrush. Actually, this is among the main reasons why you can never risk skimping on it.


But what do your know about WIX SEO? And how can you go about handling it without feeling the heat on yourself? Is Wix good for SEO, we will help clear some of the doubts about WixSEO you might be having in mind.


Pros of WIX SEO

One of the biggest selling points of Wix as a website builder is its sheer ease of use, and the same applies to its SEO functionality. Keep in mind Wix enjoys all the basic SEO features built in, and most of the advanced ones also.


It doesn’t end at that considering you don’t need any coding skills to leverage Wix SEO. What this simply means is that even total beginners can optimize their website for SEO considering WIX keeps it simple and intuitive. Wix even offers a personalized SEO setup checklist to help you get started.


Moreover, there is no need to mess about with plugins and widgets. After all, SEO functionality is built into the Wix dashboard which means you can fully focus on the content. Of course, there are also some downsides when it comes toWix SEO.


Even though Wix is perfect for core SEO features, it isn’t great for the fancier stuff. The margins can be pretty fine when it comes to search results, and Wix doesn’t excel beyond the basics. While it also supports structured data on select pages, this function isn’t built-in for general pages and you’ll need to add it manually.


As we conclude, it is important to keep in mind that using headings and subheadings to break up your pages is a remarkable way to show search engines how you go about structuring your content. They also make your content more digestible and scannable for readers. No one is willing to read a giant wall of text.


The Bottom Line

When it comes toWix SEO, you should take it upon yourself to do your homework before deciding on anything. In this way, you will certainly have an easy time when setting up your Wix campaign.