The Marketing Power of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup now concluded, it pays off to learn from the advertising and marketing tactics used to make this remarkable occasion a success. Actually, anyone who had the chance to follow everything that transpired will attest to the fact that it was one of the most exciting soccer spectacles to date.


Actually, leveraging the colossal marketing power of this year’s Women’s World Cup serves as a good starting point in your quest to drive business growth. In this simple guide, we examine what goes into getting the most from the marketing power of FIFA women’s world cup.


Connect with Your Audience

As professional women’s soccer continues to gain momentum and migrating further towards the mainstream arena, a growing number of brands worldwide are looking to leverage this year’s tournament in their marketing campaigns. Actually, social media is already turning to be an exciting inspirational, and thought-provoking playing field for brand marketing in the build up to the tournament.


Take for instance the Reggae Girlz (the Jamaican women’s team) which generated a tremendous buzz with their vibrant crowdfunding content and inspirational fundraisers. This helped set the tone for the epic marketing as well as on-pitch action.


Strike Up The Right Influencer Partnerships

There’s no denying that The Women’s World Cup 2023 offers remarkable opportunities for partnering up the right influencers and connecting with droves of highly engaged soccer fans. It is worth noting that influencer marketing remains to be a powerful force, and the lead up to this year’s women’s tournament has already witnessed its share of action.


If you’ve done your homework, you probably already know that Alisha Lehmann of Aston Villa and Switzerland is this year’s top-ranking influencer. With branded posts that are worth three times more than any other female player in the World Cup, she has turned out to be a media powerhouse, with many top-flight brands likely to want to team up with her on brand-boosting content during the tournament.


Either way, you should take it upon yourself to have a look at the ultimate guide to influencer marketing. After all, it will let you know more about striking up brand partnerships with the potential to offer the best possible return on investment after running your campaign. It is then that you can never regret your decision of jumping into the world of influencer marketing.