What is a Brand Champion?

Not many things beat the feeling of having people cheer you on from the sidelines and advocating for you in the rooms you’re not in. This is especially the case when you are a product business owner.


That’s where a brand champion comes in as an individual who promotes your business to others and helps organically grow your loyalty base in almost no time. So, what is a brand champion? Let’s take a close look into why you need a brand champion, how to get one, and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.


What Is A Brand Champion?

Brand champions are people who are responsible for promoting your brand and building support for it internally and externally. Keep in mind this is not a formal role nor is limited to one person. A brand champion can be a business owner, brand ambassador, chief brand officer, employee, or even your customer. In short, it is anyone who advocates for your company.


Reasons to Leverage Brand Champions

A brand champion will always do wonders for your public image. They are responsible for singing your brand praises in a manner that doesn’t feel like an advertisement. No wonder many will attest to the fact that brand champions help boost your word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.


Brand champions will always generate organic buzz around your business. That’s one less part of your marketing budget that you have to worry about. Of course, you may offer them a referral link or discount code, but that’s nothing compared to advertising spending.


The good news is just about anyone can be a brand champion. Depending on the size of your business, you may have one or several brand champions already. Sometimes that role is embedded in your staff’s responsibilities.


That’s not to say you should rush into creating a brand champion merely because you want to enjoy the numerous benefits they offer your business. After all, there are a few requirements you need before leveraging brand champions for your business.


As a good starting point, you must have a better understanding of your vision, mission, and values. These branding essentials are aimed at guiding everything you do, from choosing the ideal brand champion to conveying the intended message about your business.


In the event that you’re unclear about your mission or brand goal, rest assured your customers or employees will be, too.