The Effects of Marijuana on Your Body

Currently, marijuana is widely used for a range of purposes, including specific medical usage. Even though marijuana is considered an easy drug, it can lead you to addiction soon. Keep reading to discover some common effects of marijuana.

As for medical use, marijuana is good for relieving chronic pain and nausea and is commonly used for Parkinson's disease. The sensation after taking a dose of marijuana can vary from decreasing psychomotor activity to the state of relaxation. Other effects often include hectic time, impaired movement coordination, accelerated speech, etc. Besides, the long-term effects provide changes in perception of the environment, motivation, coordination, and pain sensation. Keep in mind that the use of marijuana can bring you a range of social issues.

Despite marijuana being appreciated for its beneficial effects, it can produce side effects as well. They incorporate headaches, nausea, irritability, muscle spasms, depressed mood, and so on. Go to the infographic below to find out some more details.

effects of marijuana