5 Wine Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

Whether you are a true wine enthusiast or connoisseur and schedule visiting a winery, you will definitely want to look not as an amateur. But what should I know before attending a wine tasting room? Here are the best tips.

The rule of five “S” is all you must be aware of once visiting a vineyard. First, see a glass of your wine sample against the sun. You will want to evaluate its age by leaning a glass to one side. Then, gently swirl your alcoholic drink to allow oxidation - this step is essential to unlocking rich wine’s aroma. Now you are ready to place a sample in front of your face and sniff the wine. You will notice that whites feature light tropical and citrus notes, and reds represent dark fruit motifs. Finally, sip your wine sample to identify the wine’s texture, sweetness, and tannins. You can also swallow the wine, but professionals prefer not to do this to avoid exhilaration.

Don’t miss your chance to show your knowledge and look like a pro while wine tasting. Go to the infographic below for some more information. Cheers!


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