Best selling album of AC/DC

selling album

Whether you are a real fan of the Australian rock band AC/DC, you probably are familiar with their famous album Back In Black. The release of the album took place in 1980. Let's discover some interesting facts about it.

Back In Black is executed in the hard rock and heavy metal genre. A composer is Angus Young, while Robert John Lange was responsible for production. Interestingly, this album was the first release without a band's performer Bon Scott - he died in February 1980 during the work on Back In Black. The album cover was made in the black color in memory of Bon Scott.

The album is considered bestselling with general sales of 49 million copies!

The 22 million copies were sold only in the USA. In 1981, the album was number 1 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart.

Back In Black has brought world fame to AC/DC, although they lost a talented performer and faithful friend. Check up on the infographic below for some additional details.