Top 5 Ways to Customize the Best Wireless Home Security Systems

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

1. The best wireless home security companies offer a full line of �take-over� devices that allow you to upgrade your current security equipment to the most advanced system available. If you are upgrading a smart home security system with a fair amount of existing equipment, this is an important consideration.

2. Top wireless alarm companies offer multiple specialized sensor options for your doors and windows include recessed, plunger, and bypass � providing custom solutions for nearly any installation scenario.

3. It is optimal to be able to open and close your garage door with the same keyfob you use for your wireless security system. You can also control it with a smartphone thanks to Z-wave products that interface with most garage door brands.

4. Protect your home from frozen and broken water pipes and furnace and air conditioning failure with this multi-purpose sensor. Check to see if multi-function sensors are available with your wireless home security system.

5. Triple-duty detectors can activate your wireless home alarm system when it senses smoke and high and low temperatures.