How to Publish Your Song

A publisher plays an essential role in song distribution. A songwriter assigns a composition to a publisher, and the publisher makes sure that the song is monetized worldwide. The publisher ensures that the song gets the proper copyrights and that the songwriter gets their royalties. The publisher protects the copyright and makes sure that copyright laws are enforced.

Publishers usually keep around 50% of the income generated by any songs that they publish. This may seem like a steep percentage but remember that you�ll keep 100% of the writer�s royalties. Publishers do most of the work for you, and you�ll most likely see more money with just that 50% of gross earnings than you would if you attempted to self-publish.

It can be advantageous to sign with a publishing company who is also a music distributor. By signing on with this type of full-service company, you�ll receive both publishing and distribution services for your songs and recordings. One of these companies, Sugo Music Group, is a respected global music distribution and publishing company. They�ve been around for 35 years and have the experience to get your recordings and songs distributed worldwide.

Publish Your Song