Myths About Psychedelics

Since the medical use of magic mushrooms is not approved now, and there are not enough official studies related to how psilocybin-containing mushrooms influence the user's brain, more and more myths about psychedelics appear. Let's refute several most common myths that need to be discussed.

There is a thought that psychedelics are all-natural drugs, but only magic mushrooms and ayahuasca occur naturally. Other psychedelics, like LSD, are mostly made synthetically. Another myth about psychedelics supposes that these substances will make you �trip�. Remember that a spiritual experience associated with a psychedelic trip can come if you have administrated a determined �full� dose of psilocybin. In contrast, any lower dose, including microdosing, can not cause a full trip. Additionally, there is a common belief that all �trips� have the same duration, but the truth is that the exact duration of your trip mostly depends on the type of psychedelics you have consumed.

Generally, such myths quickly spread and hide the true action of psychedelics � these substances are helpful to improve mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression. Go to the infographic below to find out some more.