Countries Where Psychedelics Are Legal


The legality of psychedelic substances is a widely discussed topic in modern society. Some states have already approved their cultivation and distribution, while others still delay the adaptation of legislation.

Brazil is one of the countries where psychedelics are legal. The Brazilian government accepted the appropriate law to use ayahuasca in 2017. Jamaica is also among the states where people can enjoy psychedelics without breaking the law. Even though the legality of these drugs is still unclear in Jamaica, tourists can take part in traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in specific places. As for Europe, the Dutch government has decriminalized personal cultivation and possession of small amounts of psychedelic substances. It means people won't face criminal charges; instead, they might be subject to a fine.

Decriminalizing psychedelics in the world's countries can open new opportunities to implement their use in the medical field. Check out some more details in the infographic below.