Could Psilocybin Help Treat Dementia?

Psilocybin contained in specific mushroom types is now widely investigated for implementation in depression and anxiety treatments. But how about magic mushrooms and dementia? Let's find out.

The truth is that patients with dementia can leverage psilocybin in terms of its properties. This chemical can potentially improve mood, cognitive skills, and overall quality of life. Moreover, psilocybin's anti-inflammatory and neuroplastic features can also be suitable for people undergoing dementia. It is worth mentioning that the best way to take shrooms is through psilocybin-assisted therapy. This approach involves a specialist`s supervision during treatment and assistance in getting essential insights after consuming magic mushrooms. Meanwhile, a physician should assess the possibility of taking standard dementia treatments before alternative therapies, like psilocybin-assisted.

Psilocybin can potentially benefit individuals with dementia, particularly from a cognitive point of view, but its illegality can worsen things. Do you want to explore more details? Go to the infographic below.