Prosecco Wine - The Complete Guide For Wine Lovers

Prosecco is now a world-famous wine that originated in Italy. Many appreciate this wine for its fine bubbles and fresh taste, but its features go beyond. Please keep reading to discover them.

Prosecco is named after the cognominal Italian village in Trieste province. This light-bodied sparkling wine comes in frizzante, spumante, and Tranquillo styles. Besides, Prosecco stands for a rich aroma - the dominant notes in its flavor are white peach, yellow apple, apricot, and pear. Meanwhile, hazelnut and tropical fruit motifs are present in secondary flavor notes. If you wonder how Prosecco tastes, it offers a delicate, refreshing tincture and light body. As for the best food pairing, you can't go wrong with serving this sparkling wine with appetizers, while sweeter variations are ideal for spicy food.

Among various sparkling wines, Prosecco remains a pretty popular option, being perfect for serving as an aperitif. Learn some more information by checking the infographic below.

Prosecco wine