Best Selling Album of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The world-famous solo album of American artist Michael Jackson remains the album bestseller until our days. Thriller was recorded in 1982. Here are several interesting facts about this masterpiece.

Thriller is executed in pop, funk, and rock genres. This album included seven singles, and all of them took first place in a hit parade Billboard Hot 100. Thriller was topped the Billboard 200 for 37 weeks! Moreover, Michael Jackson got eight Grammies for this album; it even was a winner in the nomination Most prestigious album. Thriller also got seven premiums in American Music Awards. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the album has reached around 30 million copies sold in the USA that made it the most profitable album in history.

The world fame went to Michael Jackson together with Thriller - one of the most successful solo albums of all time. Go to the infographic below for more exciting information.