Who Were the Knight Templar?

Knights Templar is considered one of the world-famous military orders whose activity dates back to the twelfth century. But, who exactly were these courageous knights? Let's discover.

Essentially, the Knights Templar was needed to protect European pilgrims visiting the Holy Land after the Christian armies had grabbed Jerusalem from Muslims in 1099. Besides, this organization of devout Christians performed a range of military operations as well. The order originated in 1118 when a French knight called Hugues de Payens decided to create an army organization. From the beginning, the order was named the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon.

In the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar was well-known as a potent and courageous military order due to one of the most strict rules to not leave a battlefield until all the flags had fallen. Additionally, they stood out by the cross and crowd symbol representing the heavenly reward that will get everyone ready for judgment after the end of life comes. Go to the infographic below for some more information.


Knight Templar