Best Selling Single of The Ink Spots

Ink Spots

The Ink Spots� �If I Didn�t Care� is proof that some things are timeless. Originally recorded in 1939, the song was written by Jack Lawrence and featured Bill Kennedy. It quickly became one of the best-selling songs of all time with over 19 million copies sold.

Despite the song�s success, songwriter Lawrence was met with negative feedback at first. He mailed the song before showing it to friends, whose reactions were not ideal. However, Lawrence stood by his song and we�d say it worked out in his favor

The song became number 271 on the Songs of the Century list and was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame. In 2018, it was recognized by the Library of Congress�s National Recording Registry for being historically, culturally, or artistically significant.

Many other versions of the song have since been created, but none have ever become as successful or accepted as The Ink Spots� recording, proving that sometimes the original is best.