Frontpoint Security Reviews Garage Design Tips

Frontpoint Security Reviews

Outdoor Frontpoint Security Camera – See who is in the driveaway and monitor activity in front of the garage doors. Frontpoint security cameras offer 1080P HD resolution with motion detection and night vision.

Overhead Door Monitors – Tilt sensors let you know when the largest entry is open or closed. They use an inclinometer to detect the angle of the garage door and send a signal to the control panel whether the overhead garage door is in an open or closed position.

Garage Door Openers – Your system can allow for remote management of the overhead doors. With a wireless connection to the main home security system control panel, the doors can be operated and even automated from the panel or right through the Frontpoint App.

Indoor Frontpoint Home Security Camera – This will allow you to check out what is happening inside the garage. This is especially helpful if you have shipments and groceries delivered inside the garage.

Exterior Door Contacts – Keep all vulnerable garage doors protected. Exterior and/or home entranceways should be protected.

Heat Detectors – This is especially important in homes with an attached garage. It is better to use heat detectors as opposed to smoke detectors. They are not affected by smoke and fume. A heat detector senses a rapid rise in the temperature due to fire.

In summary, if the budget allows…updating or installing a home security system that includes garage door security can be well worth the investment!