The Christmas Tree Tradition & How It Came To America

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is now the main attribute of the Christmas holidays all over the world. But have you ever thought about where it originates? There is a common belief that the first documented Christmas tree appeared during the Middle Ages in Germany. Let's discover some more details concerning the history of this evergreen beauty.

According to the protestant tradition, Martin Luther was the first who decorated the Christmas tree � the tree represented God's eternal love. At the same time, the candles meant the stars that led the Wise Men to Jesus Christ. There is a theory that a tradition of Christmas trees comes from the European pagans who used the evergreen branches for decorating homes during the Winter Solstice. As for the origin of the evergreen Christmas tree, the Catholics linked it with St. Boniface, who lived in the eight century. He said pagans celebrate their new faith by decorating homes with the evergreens.

The Christmas tree that you bring on Christmas Eve might symbolize your belief or just a family tradition. Anyway, it gives you the spirit of holidays in the cold winter season. Go to the infographic below for more information.