Best Selling Album of Bee Gees

Bee Gees

Saturday Night Fever is one of the most well-known and popular music albums written by the British-Australian band Bee Gees. The release took place in 1977. Keep reading to find out some more exciting details.

The genre of an album goes to disco, and it has become a soundtrack for a cognominal film starring John Travolta. Strain after a release, an album has lead both American and British album charts. It is worth mentioning that Saturday Night Fever got Grammy at the ceremony in 1979. Around 15 million copies of this album were sold only in the USA. According to the magazine Rolling Stone, the album took 131 positions in the list of 500 most majestic albums of all time. Besides, songs like "Night Fever," "How deep is your love," "Stayin' alive," "More than a woman" have become the most recognizable singles from the album.

Saturday Night Fever was widely appreciated all over the world and made Bee Gees even more famous. For more information, go to an infographic below.