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Shot of an awards stage/Red carpet vibe

 "Good evening, Fine people 
of the vast youtube community
 and welcome to this exclusive presentation
of the YouTube Tin Foil Award."
{ light music with video intro}
I received letter this morning from youtube
informing me I Was the recipient
of their prestigious tinfoil award
for reaching & surpassing
the 100 Subscriber mark
So naturally after gathering
my emotions
{ shot of me/ some overwhelmed}
I went straight to work
{ upbeat music/video working on computer}
As I mentioned I received letter
not a package
apparently the Tin Foil Award
must be assembled by the recipient
and very Uncharacteristically of youtube
they had very loose guidelines
on how to go about this
So I put my amazing production staff
on the job
Let's take look
{my video}
[Camera turns on to reveal you standing
 in front of a green screen, wearing a suit and tie,
 with a big smile on your face clapping]
Wow! wasn't that amazing
those guys are the best
give it up for my production crew
I'm honored to be here tonight to
receive this prestigious award for
achieving the 100 subscriber mark on my channel.
{ cue applause}
"Many Thanks, Many Thanks truly"
 " first off I want to thank all of my subscribers
 for sticking with me through thick and thin.
 It's been a long and winding road
to get to this point, but we made it, folks!
 {cue applause two handed grasp}
Next I wanna thank my Moms
I know she's lookin' down smilin'
{tearing & choking up}
your boy did it Mom!
[You pause and take a deep breath before continuing]
 "I remember when I first started my channel,
 I was so excited
 to share my thoughts and ideas with the world.
 I thought to myself, 'I'm going to be the next Joe Rogan or
Mr. Beast
 maybe I will be like Pewdie Pie.
  Little did I know,
it would take me months to
 even get 10 subscribers
. {cue laughter}
[You shake your head as if reminiscing]
 "But I didn't give up. No, sir.
I kept churning out video after video
"I tried everything to get subscribers.
 I made videos about cooking and free traffic,
 fashion and free traffic,
I  even tried my hand at ASMR and you guessed it free traffic
 . But nothing seemed to work.
I was about to give up when I had an inspiration.
I remember
my breakthrough moment.
it was a a stroke of genius
{images of geniuses}
[You pause for comedic effect]
 "I know what you're thinking. 'Dad jokes? Really?
' But hear me out. Dad jokes are the ultimate icebreaker.
 They're cheesy, they're cringe-worthy,
 but they always get a laugh.
 And as for the free traffic for
affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs,
well, who doesn't want that?
 {cue laughter}
"I mean, who knew that bad puns &
 ridiculous rhymes would be the key to my success?
{cue laughter}
{ shrug shoulders Big smile } "Right"
 [lean in closer to the camera]
"But let me tell you, it wasn't easy.
 I had to navigate
 the murky waters of internet marketing,
 and let me tell you,
it can get pretty deep.
 But I persevered, and it paid off
. And now, here I am,
holding this beautiful piece of tin foil in my hand.
{cue applause}
[You look up and gesture towards the sky]
 "I couldn't have done it without the big guy upstairs.
That's right, I'm talking about Google.
{cue laughter}
[You pause for a moment and
 look at the award in your hand]
"But in all seriousness,
 this award means a lot to me.
 It's not just a piece of tin foil,
 it's a symbol of all the hard work
 and dedication I've put into my
 And I couldn't have done
 it without my subscribers.
 You guys are the real MVPs.
{cue applause}
{pointing & smiling}
"So thank you, YouTube, for this incredible honor.
 And to all my subscribers,
I promise to keep bringing you the worst Dad jokes
and the Best in free traffic and free traffic giveaways.
 Here's to 1000 subscribers and Monetization
 {cue huge cheers and applause}
{Shushing the crowd}
So to all my fellow
, content creators,
 affiliate marketers,
 and work from home Moms & Dads
 out there,
keep fighting the good fight.
Keep spreading the truth,
no matter how crazy it may seem.
 And who knows, maybe one day
we'll all be up here receiving
 our own tin foil awards.
{cue cheers and applause}
[You hold up the award one last time]
Keep Watching &
Don't forget to hit those buttons!
 "Thank you, Stay Blessed and good night!"