Minecraft Skindex Skin Editor

If you enjoy Minecraft and believe it could use more Rey, Kylo Ren, and Unkar Plutt, you're in luck: skins from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi are now available. The Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack, which costs $2.99 and includes both well-known and obscure characters from the Star Wars saga's most recent installments, was published last week. General Armitage Hux and Tallie Lintra are two free skins included in the pack, along with a total of 53 (!) new character designs, resulting in a Starkiller Base-sized inflow from a galaxy far, far away. (All that's left is for you to summon your inner galactic architect and start creating your own Star Wars landscapes.) Over e-mail, StarWars.com spoke with some of the talented people behind these cool minecraft skins, including lead artist Michael Hansen and artist Christopher Reeves of developer 4J Studios, about the challenges of translating our favorite good guys and bad guys into Minecraft‘s charmingly blocky look, as well as some tips on creating Star Wars settings.

Michael Hansen: Star Wars offers a vast range of character designs, each having its own distinct trait that distinguishes them from one another. The challenge with this pack, in my opinion, is to discover that little or major detail and make it the centerpiece of the whole design. Re-creating human characters' unique facial characteristics and expressions in only an 8x8 pixel space, for example, can be extremely difficult. Using Kylo Ren as an example, it can all come down to the mouth positioning. Finally, we made it 2 pixels wide and positioned it at the bottom of the screen; this made the face appear longer than the others and helped to convey his brooding demeanor.

Alien skins, with their incredibly organic design aspects, are always a mental teaser when it comes to the largest obstacle. The idea is to concentrate on blocking out and making readable the overall silhouette. We can get really close without ruining the Minecraft feel because we can add extra geometry to our skins.

Michael Hansen: We start by going over the reference material we've acquired or been given, identifying the key elements, collecting color palettes, and settling on the pack's general style. Once we're satisfied, we import our base models and texture sheets into a tool designed specifically for skin creation.

Each person will be given a skin and sent on their way. When it comes to developing skins, each team member has a particular work flow preference, which is sometimes influenced by the complexity of the character. Skins that take the longest to create are usually those that require additional geometry to convey more of their personality and traits. However, some skins work well the first time they are used. It's very much a "case by case" situation. Throughout this process, we have an open communication with everyone, bouncing ideas and thoughts around to arrive at the best outcome possible.

I'll check the skins when they're finished and provide comments on anything that needs to be changed or altered to improve the overall design. After all of the skins have been created, they will be reviewed by myself and David [Keningale, art director of 4J Studios]. We go over all of the skins here, double-checking everything from the reference material to the colors, style, lighting, geometry, and so on. If anything needs to be changed, it returns to the pipeline and the process repeats until we are happy. When we're satisfied with the entire pack, we send it over to Mojang to go through the same process again, analyzing feedback and making any necessary modifications.

Following that, all of the character approval sheets will be sent to Lucasfilm for review. If the skin receives any feedback, it returns to the beginning and begins the trip all over again. This may appear to be a lot, but the process is simple and quick, and it is essential for maintaining quality and elegance. When everything is approved at this point, the pack is sent out for testing and bug patching before being wrapped up, ready for release, and the final marketing images are created.

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