British Company Zinson in London helps you with immigration treatment to Britain

Zenson was founded in London in the UK to meet the growing demand by businessmen and international investors to find quick and effective solutions to manage their business, real estate and investments in London and to follow up matters and transactions of immigration, ownership and investment without the need to travel and waste a lot of effort and time where we meet all their needs and requirements as if they are London by assigning a personal manager to follow everything necessary


Our Vision


Our vision is to provide entrepreneurs, investors, and landlords who do not reside in London with easy access to smart solutions for all their business and personal needs while in London or even in their home countries. We offer personalized advice and practical solutions for managing your property and for your business and personal and family needs as if you were in London. We offer daily, weekly and monthly services according to your needs, we are very flexible to suit all our investors and business needs


We offer the following package of services:


Manage and rent your properties in London

Provide a special manager to manage your business and transactions

Special Business Advisor

Immigration and residence in Britain

Admission Procedures in British Universities

Authentication of transactions and documents from the British Foreign Office

Establishing companies in Britain


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