Search Engine Optimization Pittsburgh- Does Content Matter?

Search engine optimization pittsburgh- does content matter? No matter what location you're optimizing a website for better natural search engine placement it still dependents on many factors. Out of all of those factors, at this time, there are 2 main components. These two components are linked inbound to your website and content on your website no matter where in Pennsylvania your business is located.


A website that lacks content but has quality links might fair well but a website with quality links and quality content will do well in the search engines. This has been a proven system for making not only a great website but increasing rankings in search engines.


So what type of content makes quality content and how does this relate to search engine marketing pittsburgh? Quality content is that text which provides viewers with good solid information about you or your products/services and is something they might not find elsewhere. Unique content is key to creating top-notch content. Another component is the amount of content you have. Usually more content on your website is better.


Now with regards to Pittsburgh having content on your site mentioning your location even if in general will help improve your rankings. I'd suggest adding that into your textual content, specifically Pittsburgh and PA (use both the abbreviation and full word). You might even want to dedicate a page or a few pages to the topic of your location in Pennsylvania. I've noticed most sites in the Pittsburgh area are not doing this, so you should take advantage of this.


But keep in mind that tons of dis-related content on the same page can be a downfall. As search engines do best at picking up one or a few similar topics from one page it, therefore, would be best to keep your web pages focused onto one or a few similar topics.


Quality content is not always something that can be just through up overnight but the time invested into this will make a larger impact on your rankings and with your viewers than spending time on any other avenue of raising your rankings. Think about it, if you have tons of people coming onto your website but your message on your site is very poor are they going to be likely to stay on your site and/or buy products or services from you?


Content is so important in many of the major search engines that it's even in some of their quality guidelines. For example, Google has quality content listed in its guidelines - stating that sites in its search engines should follow these guides.


If you have questions about how to incorporate your location into your website content or whether the content on your site is of proper quality please feel free to contact us.


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