Essential HTML Tags Intended For Freshmen

HTML is a markup dialect that's predominantly utilized in web pages. It is the one that tells the computer how the information contained in the page is being displayed.


Learning how to write down HTML codes is a vital flair that every web artist must partake of. Below is a list of various normal HTML tags useful to help newcomers become comfortable in the midst of this lingo.


1. HTML /HTML - are the gateway and shutting tags used at the beginning along with the ending of every HTML file.


2. HEAD /HEAD - arrives following the HTML tag and it is wherever information that isn't displayed on the web site can be found. It consists of META tags, design sheets plus Java Scripts.


3. TITLE /TITLE - is enclosed inside the HEAD tags as well as it is always where the label for the web page is to be found.


4. BODY /BODY - it is inside these tags that the items displayed on the website will be found.


5. EM /EM - the tag stands used for importance. It changed the I /I tags that had been used to make the text inside the tags italicized.


6. STRONG /STRONG - are tags used to generate the content surrounded by the bold.


7. H1 /H1 to H6 /H6 - are used for headers. Placing content within any of those tags makes the font larger or else smaller than the traditional text as well as bold.


8. P /P - placing the copy in these tags turns them into a single section. Single line space is robotically added below the last row of this displayed text.


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