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Many people ask us why we choose to Breed but English bulldog puppies instead of other mini beautiful breeds. the answer is we really do not know why but with much experience in this breed, we can testify that English Bulldogs are calm, non-sporting dogs with a sour-mug face that love to chew and play tug-of-war. English Bulldogs rarely bark but snore, snort, wheeze, grunt, and snuffle instead. English Bulldogs are a people oriented, loyal and devoted watchdogs that love to nap by your side. And those are the qualities we were interested in when we made up our mind to breed or get a pet. We purchased our first bulldog in 2006 and we will never be without one! From Experience, we can say We are lucky to be involved with raising and breeding such an awesome breed for over 12 years going. We strive to breed inquisitive, playful puppies that mature into intelligent well socialized adults dogs. We breed for health, conformation, and temperament. Our puppies goes with a health certificate and health guarantee and are up to date with shots and worming.

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