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Today I want to talk about content sharing sites uk strategies and platforms.


A lot of times when people hear content sharing, they think of blogging and YouTube. Those are two of the primary places where you want to share your content because a lot of people think of content as written content and video content.


But I was on a webinar where audio content was brought up. This could be podcasts, iTunes, etc. And one content marketing platform that you may not know about is called Sound Cloud, is one that I'm going to be starting on this week. It's a very easy way to repurpose your video.


Now when you initially do a video, you should transcribe it or have it transcribed into text for a blog post. So now you've got your written content and your video content.


But you can also strip the audio out of the video using Any Video Converter, a free software tool that converts a variety of video formats into other formats, and it also converts it into an audio format, like.mp3.


Now you have audio content that you can share on Sound Cloud or iTunes or whatever audio content platform you want, although Sound Cloud seems to be the most popular from the webinar I was on.

Your audio content is now a "radio spot."


What I suggest you do, which is what I'll be doing, is branding my 'Sounds,' my audio clips with an intro and then in the middle I'll break it up and add a little "commercial ad" to promote the opportunities I'm involved with.


When you're doing content marketing or content sharing, you don't want to concentrate just on your blog or just on article marketing. Article marketing isn't like it used to be.


You can't take an article and just blast it out to hundreds of article directories because a lot of them got slapped by Google over the last couple of years, so they're pretty much a waste of time today.


A lot of people today - in 2019 - are concentrating on their WordPress blogs because Google, Bing and Yahoo really like WordPress. But you want to embed a video into every blog post and then, you can take that blog post and the embedded video and use it as audio content.


So here are the steps:


1. Create a video

2. Transcribe it into text

3. Upload to YouTube and use the text to optimize the description

4. Create your blog post with the video transcript

5. Embed the video into the blog post

6. Strip the audio from the video; i.e., convert the video into an audio format

7. Upload to Sound Cloud (or iTunes or any podcast platform)

8. Use the transcript/blog post to optimize the audio description


Now you've got three solid content sharing platforms ready to share across the social media sites. My favorites and where I get the most traffic are:


1. Facebook groups

2. Palinterest

3. Twitter

4. Pinterest

5. Google+

6. Tumblr


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