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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited is lead Manufacturer and wholesaler of not only quality folding tables but also the high-performance folding chair series. Our Folding chair comes in different varieties you can choose from. We have it in wood, resin, bamboo folding, and steel frame types folding chairs. The production capacity of our wooden folding chair is around 6,000 pieces per month while the resin folding chair monthly production is at 10,000 pieces. According to the recent survey concluded, our Chairs have reached a large scale of popularity and usage locally and internationally not only because of the design, quality, and durability but the unparalleled competitive pricing and factory direct buying conveniences we provide to our customers worldwide. Top with our sales teams outstanding customer service assistance rated #1 by business bureau organizations globally.


In 2018, our White Resin Folding Padded Chairs have made it as the top-selling product on our charts simply because it speaks for itself and describing in verbosity is not enough.


If value, dependability, durability, better quality and availability are on your priority list, then we strongly recommend this chair to top the item on your purchase order with us. And share with us in the future your thoughts why very satisfied customers who first bought The White Resin Folding Padded Chair are still processing for new additional quantities on their order with us. We are certain the answers you will come up will be significantly the same, as you will be part of our next satisfied customer’s list.


To elaborate further, vast diversities on the uses of our commercial seating products are widely utilized on almost every type of outdoor and indoor occasions like wedding events, business conference, banquet/catering events, to birthday parties and other hosted celebrations at any type of venues. Our products withstand through almost every critical type of use even in harsh environments where typical damage can occur, like in crowded concerts and election campaigns where seating products sustain the heaviest beating.


And we are proud enough to say that our chairs are also built to be tough enough to last through these conditions on multiple numbers of uses, Guaranteed.!


…while we humbly brag about our products, another feature why customers love it is the removable and replaceable parts of the chairs. From the folding legs and seat, pads wear and tear needs, we surely have it available to provide. Cart and dust/dirt covers for easy carry and storage, we got that too. And of course, special mark -up prices on selected products are always there. And if you are a first time, future well-satisfied customer, come contact us now to avail something even better than what you have just learned above. Our very talented professional sales team has the details you don’t want to miss having. So, call us now!


Wholesale Details of our folding chair series


•Type: Wooden Padded Folding Chairs, Plastic Fan Back Folding Chairs, Resin Folding Chairs,1942 Folding Chairs, Bamboo Folding Chairs, Poly Folding Chairs, Children Folding chairs, Folding Bar Stools, Slat Folding Chair, Wooden Slat Folding Chair 1945, Metal Frame and Slat Seat Folding Chair


•Material: Wood, Bamboo, Resin, Metal frame with wood seat and backrest, Metal frame with plastic seat and backrest


•Style: Folding Chairs


•Color options for bamboo and wood folding chairs: Dark brown, light brown, walnut color, white, black, natural color and custom colors are available.


•Color option for resin chairs: Transparent, white, black, red, blue and custom colors are available.


•MOQ/Shipping:300 pieces for wood and bamboo material folding chair, 500 pieces for resin and metal frame material folding chair.Load Weight: =140kg/300lbs


Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited is a cheap folding chairs wholesaler and manufacturer. We supplier wooden folding table and chairs worldwide. We bulk Wimbledon chair for sale. And we also have white resin folding chairs wholesale, metal folding chairs wholesale, plastic chairs, and tables wholesale. The material of chairs, normally we use birch wood or beechwood, please do not use pinewood. The padded seat of wooden folding chairs can be removed easier. In overseas, white wooden padded folding chairs are so popular, they are specially used in an outdoor wedding. Showing the natural design from our chairs now. We offer spare parts of wooden padded folding chairs. So when the seat has a problem or after a long time, you can change the seat by yourself.

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