How to Select the Right Headrest for an Office Chair

Best Aeron Chair Headrest- Most of us spend more time in our office chairs than we do driving our cars every week, and some even spend more time seated in a chair than they do sleeping in a bed. With so much time being spent sitting in an office chair, it is important that it is properly fitted to meet your needs and body type. A chair that is too large or small for the user can cause unnecessary aches and pains that can eventually lead to more serious conditions such as chronic back pain. When experiencing upper back pain, the most common solution is to find an office chair that has a taller back with a headrest to fully support our necks and shoulders. While the main objective of a headrest is to support the head, it can actually cause more harm than help. Follow our tips on selecting the right headrest and save yourself from a headache, literally!


What to Avoid When Picking Out a Headrest


The first piece of information you will want to look for when researching a product to see if it will suit your needs is how tall the backrest is. If a headrest is fixed in place and does not have the ability to be adjusted up or down, you may find which this will end up causing pain instead of helping relieve your pain. Chairs with fixed headrests should typically be avoided as these will only properly fit a select few people that fall within a specified height range. So how does one spot a chair that has a fixed headrest? The most common indication that a chair has a fixed headrest is if the price is too good to be true. Most of the time, a good headrest can add up to $125 to the cost of the chair. The best way to determine if a headrest will work for you if shopping online is to look at the product details and see if there is any indication that the headrest is adjustable. If you are unable to find this information or if it is not clear, be sure to call customer service prior to purchasing to ensure that the chair will work for you without having to deal with a restocking fee to return the product.


Limited height adjustability may also cause problems, especially if the chair has a high back design. Shorter individuals will not be able to fully utilize the benefits of the headrest.


What Makes a Great Headrest?


A great headrest will at the very least, be adjustable in height. An even better headrest will have the ability to be adjusted both up and down as well as in and out. Normally it will not be in constant contact with your head, rather it is there for when you would like to rest your head or neck against when you feel like it. This allows us to work without it getting in the way or pushing our heads forward, which can cause strain on the upper back and neck.


Even if a headrest is fully adjustable, it may still be too tall for shorter users. It is important to find a chair that has the proper back height in order to make the use of a headrest effective. A back that is too tall will not provide your head with the right support. If you are a shorter user, consider selecting a petite office chair that has the ability to come with a headrest. The back height on petite office chairs is specifically designed for shorter users and some higher-end models have the option for fully adjustable headrests to be added on as an upgrade.


By taking these points into consideration you should be able to avoid purchasing the wrong office chair. Be sure to take the necessary measurements to ensure that your backrest height is not too high or too short for your structure. If interested in a chair, be certain to find out all of its dimensions prior to purchasing to make sure it aligns with your own. A headrest can be beneficial if all the necessary steps are taken to find the right office chair for your needs.


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