Top 5 Surface Protections for Your Home

Renovating a building involves upgrading countertops, floors, and cabinets. All of them are created with materials like wood, marble or glass. They help to prevent damage, wear, and soiling of the surface of a material. The top 5 surface protections for your home include tapes, boards, mats, drop cloths and sealants.




People often use tapes but there are different types of adhesive tapes that are exclusively designed for specific purposes. Starting from plumbers, astronauts to secretaries, people make use of tapes for holding together a number of things. Adhesive tape is a strip of paper or cloth coated with an adhesive substance that allows it to get attached to different surfaces.


Painter's Tapes, Duct Tapes, Teflon Tapes, Masking Tapes and Double-sided Tapes are used for various purposes. Tapes used for surface protection are often created with Polyurethane which has an adhesive on it for binding it to a surface. These tapes are durable and strong and so they are ideal for protecting countertops, wooden floors, and windows. The side of the adhesive tape sticks to the material surface without leaving a residue. Therefore you won't face any difficulty in removing it by peeling it away. Usually, protective tapes have several functions like preventing scratches on wooden floors in high traffic areas as well as shielding surfaces at the time of paint renovations.


Shurtape is another surface protector which is used to seal aluminum backed duct wrap. It helps to create barriers between water and vapor and repairs metal temporarily. Moreover, it resists odor and smoke. Shurtape also provides a wide array of tape products that resist ultraviolet rays of the sun for greater surface protection.




Boards created with reconstructed cardboards are used as surface protection for different types of flooring like linoleum, marble, concrete, and wood. Usually, the boards are available in rolls. You can unravel the rolls for covering the surface of your floor or any other hard surface area. If you have to remove the board, you have to lift it up and roll it back into its original state as no adhesive is used.




Protective mats are pieces of materials created from different types of fabric or plastic. They help to protect your ceramic tiles, granite floors, carpets, and marble floors. You can easily place the mats in your doorways or on steps for keeping debris and mud away from your flooring. If you want you can spread the mats on countertops for preventing dust from settling on your indoor surface. Some of the mats are created for absorbing oil, paint, and grease and so they are perfect during the construction of homes and new buildings.


Drop Cloths


These are mostly used for protecting surfaces at the time of painting work during the renovation. Most of the canvas drop cloths seem like large bed sheets and they are spread over a surface loosely for preventing paint from staining it or for holding off dust particles.




This is an extremely useful thing that you can keep in your home. The sealant deals with small cracks before they break the structural integrity of your home. This surface protector is excellent for sticking to 2 surfaces together. Polyurethane sealant is used as adhesive due to its tear resistance capacity, hardiness, and strength. This material provides good adhesion to different substrates like glass, wood, plastic, and concrete because of its elasticity and structural properties. As a result of which Polyurethane sealant is used widely in the automotive, construction and textile industries.


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