Google Reviews Are Crucial For Your Company


When it comes to looking for the latest product or service, it's no surprise that most users go to Google first. Google is the number one search engine used by consumers that performs 3.5 billion searches per day. This lets them locate local businesses and services. Google is also the place where consumers assess whether a business is reliable. However big or small your business, reviews are an important gauge of the quality of your customers. They are particularly important to gather from your first customers when you're just beginning your company. Check out our guides on how to start your service business.

Local search results put a heavy emphasis on Google Reviews, which also affect your SEO rankings. Google Reviews are as important as Yelp or Facebook reviews. One in seven users will act quickly on their search results, so it's vital you make a good first impression.

Enhance Your Reviews

Before you create your review plan, be sure that your business is Google Verified. Google provides the means to complete this. To register your address for business, simply go to Google My Business. After completing the process, Google will send you a postcard to your business that includes a unique PIN within two weeks.

Once your business is verified you are able to begin communicating with your reviewers.

Always Respond to Reviews

From the most negative to the most positive to the most negative. This lets potential customers know that you are interested in your satisfaction, and you will do everything you can to achieve it. Responding encourages customers to write reviews since it's evident that their feedback will be valued and acted on.

Reviewers should not be charged for their review services.

The practice of paying for reviews or providing discounts to them is against Google's terms of service , and could result in the demotion of reviews. Requesting former and current customers to leave reviews about your company is fine, as it is honest and objective reviews. Positive reviews will not be helpful when people can tell that the review is not genuine. If you need a full article on Google review, check over here.

Promote your Google My Business Listing

It's a good idea to let your customers know about your site and to encourage reviews once it's been verified. This can be accomplished by sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform that your business uses. Another way to collect reviews is to add the call-to-action (CTA) button on your website. This will take users to your Google page, and allow them to leave a review.

Leave a Review

You now know how to curate and respond to reviews Let's take a look at the steps to leave one. It's as simple as. Start Google Maps on your PC. Next, look for a service or business with a physical address. On the left-hand side of the screen , you'll be able to write A Review. If you click this, you'll be able to leave an evaluation of a star and write a review of the business. Once you've finished the review is published!