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Purple Mercury

Red mercury's supposedly wonderful qualities don't finish there. It is alleged to have powers to summon jinns - Arabic for supernatural beings. Evidence for this Dracula-in-liquid-form legend is offered in a number of bizarre YouTube movies, some of which have been seen tons of of thousands of instances. Typically a purple blob - that usually seems suspiciously like it has been created using video graphics - is shown being repelled by garlic, and attracted by gold.

Our world broad recognition contains hard work accomplished by our specialists by making customised merchandise. Having vectrol paste chemical which may wipe out stains from the foreign money notes. You don’t need to burn a gap in your pocket to purchase our merchandise. We have the best worth and reasonably priced prices on your products. Liquid mercury is a liquid based mostly homogenous solution chemical specifically used to dissolve and remove coated dye from defaced currencies.

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An explosion in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe that killed 5 individuals is attributed to a quest to reclaim red mercury from a live landmine. Organizations involved in landmine clearance and unexploded munitions disposal noted a belief amongst some communities in southern Africa that pink mercury may be found in certain forms of ordnance. Attempting to extract red mercury, purported to be highly valuable, was reported as a motivation for people dismantling objects of unexploded ordnance, and suffering dying or harm in consequence. In some cases it was reported that unscrupulous merchants could also be intentionally promoting this misconception in an effort to construct a market for recovered ordnance. In 1999 Jane's Intelligence Review advised that victims of purple mercury scams might have included Osama bin Laden.

Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Substances Control Act Chemical substance Inventory. The number of suitable gloves not solely depends on the material, but in addition on quality. Properly working chemical fume hood designed for hazardous chemical substances and having a mean face velocity of at least one hundred feet per minute. We have all our analyses certificates and accreditation’s for our merchandise. Trade Alert - Delivering the latest product tendencies and industry information straight to your inbox.

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Corporate Culture We specialize in producing uncommon metals and we provided top quality metals and chemicals to customer like you over 20 countries and regions. Finally, there's a red-coloured mercury-containing ore which does really mercury chemical powder exist. Mercury sulphide, to offer it its proper name, is a relatively mundane substance. It's also called cinnabar and although it is very useful for decorating pottery, it cures nothing - and will actually be dangerous.