American Sign Language Name Sign for VP Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris receives an American Sign Language sign name after she was elected as president Joe Biden’s vice president. VP Harris' name sign was made by a team of Black and Indian Deaf women, Smita Kothari, Ebony Gooden, Kavita Pipalia, and Candace Jones, who worked with each other for a number of weeks. This particular women’s group worked together to come up with a list of possible sign names and afterwards sent out a public survey to the Deaf community at large to get their votes from February 1 to 5, 2021. 

Deaf culture consists of many valued traditional aspects that happen to be major to the Deaf community, and one of them is the “name sign.” A name sign is actually a sign that's specifically given to the individual, and it's usually created according to the individual's qualities, personality, hobbies, and so on, which uniquely and precisely identify a person. It takes on a significant part in defining who exactly the person is and their personal identity. 


Watch this video to know how to do VP Harris' name sign: