The unseen



World events has almost made all home pages the same.

Promote this link for best results.

Do not change anything promote it as you see it here.

You will find the the full system on the page but if you go solo you will miss out on the parts below.

This is a circular system. One bit leads to the other and each time one section is released more cash becomes more available.

This page if operated right will attract a lot of traffic which means when the time is right your link can get a massive traffic surge.

Fantastic, is all the wonderful viral systems out there but you will soon find they do not sell when you try to promote them.


Most of us do not have this, that is why we are promoting other peoples products.

If you follow the plan each of us will reach a stage where we can manage on our own.

I bring something to the table that you do not have either.

The middle steps Covid 19 has put paid to for the moment but our big advantage is; when thing get back to normal we will have a massive surge there.

There are more steps. We need an element of growth and so concentration of effort in phase 1 will

move us down the ladder quicker.

The growth factor will bring money into the system and it will work upwards to loosen the middle steps

making progress for us along the way.

Now this is a time when people have lost plenty but there is a platform that you would do well to get involved in.

You pay your initial investment and in the same month get back more money than you put in.

If you promote this hard you can get another person/persons into the business giving you more commisssion.

The following month the same happens again plus the commissions from your recruits.

If you bring in two in your next month the commissions to follow will swell your bank account even more.

Remember the people you bring in are now working to bring others into their business in the meantime helping you  to grow your business.

Yes I am excited by this, it has taken 8 years for me to buy an apple on the internet. haha.

This is not a hard sell but it feeds into our system because the returns are more what we need to operate properly.

This is also not a demand but if you pay £25.00 Here

I can take up offers that will make our live a lot easier.

I know what is is to work hard but I have also built up a cataloque of techniques which are direct.

The other stuff is fine but most people do not have that kind of money.

I'm an upgraded member in Leadsleap and I have quite a few downlines there.

Now my income was rudely interrupted and I am not alone. Do not think it an imposition if I ask for money.

I have left it totally up to you if you want to pay. You can promote and still make a lot of money.

I am very business like but I am also a very kind person.

I have paid more than my fair share. Anyhow we have a tool, be wise, use You Tube , Facebook ,instagram etc.

Parden me,I do not like posting pictures if you are good and Loyal I will make sure you get returns

that will be more of a help to you than seeing my photo.

Remember to optin when you see the dancing page. I will be bringing you more developments that can help us out of this crisis.

In an un-orthodox fashion I introduce myself last of all, MY name is Cameron.

The commission's I make will recyle into the system, not all of it but what I can afford.

There is no limit to where we will go with this but we end up back at the start and go round again. It is based on rinse and repeat.

Each time we rinse and repeat we can increase our take so work the system and it will pay you handsomely.

 sixty minute money