Protecting your phone against virus is one of the most important thing any Mobile user should consider when it comes to protecting their devices, files and other important credentials.
Virus or malware has been on the increase and this has given hackers access to data of users from infected phones.
Yes, virus on Mobile device are as deadly as the ones on computers, flash drives and other devices, there are ways you can protect your devices against such attack from hackers.

What is mobile virus

Mobile virus is a Software that gains access into your phone or device through downloading of infected files from the internet or through sharing of infected files.
This can be very deadly and serious as it can damage your phone and render it useless or it can give access to an unauthorized person (hacker) who could sell your important data on the internet.

8 Ways to protect your phone from Virus/Malware

There are several ways of preventing virus from gaining access into your phone and if you're serious about it you can actually protect your phone from virus or malware.

Below are the ways to prevent your phone from being infected with virus.
1. Don't collect files from other phones: this is one of the ways that could get your phone infected with either virus or malwares. It's one of the easiest ways of getting your phone hacked and infected. Be careful of who you collect files/documents from.
2. Avoiding downloading files from the internet: this is another way that could get your phone hacked or infected with virus. Most Files from the internet could be/ may be infected with virus and all it needs is for a user to download such app and run it on their mobile device. If you really need to download any mobile application, download from reliable sources.

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3. Avoid downloading hacked or cracked apps: cracked applications from the internet may be infected/infested with lots of virus and you may be caught off guard Because you want to get premium access for free. So be careful of such applications you get from the internet.
4. Using trusted antivirus apps: this is one of the ways of preventing your phone from virus. Although, most antivirus applications are paid but still it's worth spending on.
5. Avoid using corrupted memory card: damage memory card could be corrupted with virus inside and you need to be very careful because your device can easily be infected with virus.
6. Don't install applications that seems off to you
7. Avoid clicking links that seems fishy
8. Avoid clicking links on your email and if you must, observe such link critically.

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