How to delete Bigo account permanently

What is Bigo and what is is used for:

Bigo Live is a free social tool app that lets users make videos easily or live-stream their daily or current activities to their friends and strangers.

On Bigo Live, anyone can broadcast videos live at anytime and anywhere and with bigo live you can easily connect to anyone.

Livestreamers can receive live comments from other users from different part of the world and can also search for nearby Bigo users.

Steps On How To Delete Bigo Live Account

If you’ve ever wonder how to delete your bigo account on iPhone/ Android and you don’t know how then this post is for you.

In this post we will be giving you easy steps to follow in order to delete your Bigo Live account in less than a minute.

Simply, go ahead and follow the steps in the manner listed down below:
1. Open the Bigo live app which you have installed on your phone.
2. Click on the small profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
3. Then, Click on “Feedbacks” followed by the third option i.e. Account.
4. Click on the sixth question that says “How to delete my Bigo account?”
5. Click on I want delete account and duly enter your password.
6. Tap on Next and read the terms carefully.
7. Tap on confirm & continue then again read the terms and conditions.
8. Put a tick on the agree box then tap on Delete account.
9. Lastly, tap on Delete icon.

For the Bigo Live account to be deleted completely you’ll have to wait for 20 days for full account deletions. Within this 20 days you can still be able to recover your account back.

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Well these are the steps you should follow on how to delete your Bigo Live account from your phone or PC.


1Is Bigo Live safe:

While it may not seeming actively unsafe for kids nor teenagers, BIGO Live is clearly not intended for kids. Teenagers and adults may be fine using this application. Some content on this live streaming app may be explicit and strong so it’s not really advisable for kids.

2Is Bigo legal in India:

The Indian Governmental bodies banned Bigo along in June 2020 with 58 other apps of Chinese origin, citing data leaks and privacy issues and stated that it was a threat to their privacy

3. Can you recover your Bigo Live account:

Your Bigo Live account can be recovered within 20 days after deletion after 20 days your Bigo Live account would be fully deleted.

 How to delete Bigo account permanently