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Kroger owns 3,242 locations in the United States (as of February 2021), making it the country's second-largest retailer after Walmart. They appear to be the only chain capable of competing with Amazon-backed Whole Foods in terms of store count.

Locations of Kroger Company Stores

Kroger stores may be found in 38 states, with the majority of them centered in the Midwest and Southwest.

They have a low percentage of stores in densely populated states like Florida and New York as compared to their competitors.

What is the total number of Kroger stores?

Under the Kroger Company umbrella, there are a total of 22 retail chains.

With 1,348 stores distributed over 17 states in the United States, Kroger operates the majority of its locations under the Kroger brand. Harris Teeter (260) and The Little Clinic are next (225).

State-by-state distribution of Kroger stores

Kroger stores can be found in 38 different states. The states with the most stores are California (303), Ohio (292), and Texas (210).

The city having the most Kroger stores is

The Kroger Company has the most stores in Los Angeles (38) than any other city. Cinncinati (35), where Kroger's headquarters are located, and Houston are the next two cities on the list (35).

How many pharmacies are there in Kroger stores?

In 37 states, the Kroger Company maintains 2.2K retail pharmacies. Only 81% of Harris Teeter locations offer a pharmacy.

Kroger Prepares to Dispense COVID Vaccine

Kroger's retail clinic network, Little Clinic, has been prepared to administer the COVID vaccine. The pandemic raised demand for basics including as food and cleaning supplies, resulting in record growth for Kroger Company in 2020.

The business is experiencing strong sales growth, which it attributes to its e-commerce platform as well as popular in-store brands like Simple Truth. Kroger also offers curbside pickup at more than 82 percent of its locations, which has helped them maintain market share during this time. Ocado, a food tech business, has formed a collaboration with Kroger's new fulfillment center. To fulfill online orders, the fulfillment center can use robotics and other digital technology. They've also launched KroGo shopping carts that can be used as visual scanners, similar to Amazon Dash Carts. As things are added to the cart, the subtotal of purchases is updated, allowing shoppers to stay on budget.

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