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ADN American Dream Nutrition - Made In The USA

Our Downline Building Software System starts building a “Powerline” for you as soon as you become a Free Affiliate. You can qualify to earn commissions on the orders placed by your personal customers with No Personal Purchase Required. Additional qualifications are needed to earn commissions on the entire organization below you. To become a free affiliate simply click on the link at the bottom of this page labeled ADN American Dream Nutrition Corporate Website, scroll down to the bottom of that page, and register for free. If you simply want to purchase ADN products as a customer click on the tab labeled Order as a Customer.

SSI and SSDI recipients can take advantage of work incentives, consult with your Case Worker for details.

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  • PhytoZon - Anti-Aging, Strength, Energy, Joints, Flexibility 
  • Wild Conk - Super Immune Booster - 4000% Immune Boost
  • Stem Cell Release Factor - Release Millions of Stem Cells
  • Nitro Factor - Sports Nutrition - Energy - Super Beet Formula
  • Keto Fat Burner - Weight Loss - Fat Burner 
  • Get Juiced - Brain - Memory Super Food 
  • Nu-Derma Gold - Anti-aging Serum - Skin Care
  • Pure Aqua Mins - Liquid Minerals - Purify Your Water

Health is my first priority and I do take ADN products on a regular basis, currently, I am Silver Level Affiliate and have purchased a Platinum Product Package. I had my products within 3 days.


Q: What products do you use?

A: Stem Cell Release Factor, Get Juiced, PhytoZon, Clear Heart, Wild Conk, and Pure Aqua Mins.

Q: What prompted you to start using ADN products?

A: I had a heart attack in 2019 which resulted in a $240,000 double heart bypass surgery. Metal pump on the left side, typical bypass on the right side. Also, I lost both my mother and grandmother to Covid-19. Specific ADN products became extremely interesting really quickly.

Q: Do you notice a difference since you started taking ADN products?

A: Yes I do notice a marked improvement in my energy level, mood, and overall well-being. However, we will know more in July at my biannual doctor's appointment with the cardiologist, blood tests, and all that.

David Decredico
Silver Level Member
American Dream Nutrition
Ph: 417-669-1133 CST 9AM to 5PM
Or contact us a the top of this site.

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