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I like to try differant things in the Affilate Marketing Genre. Ive tried a few differant programs

and have not found the one I feel comfortable with. Ive tried programs that start off sounding 

good then your told that the only way to succeed is to upgrade. Well Ive done all that and the 

only thing that was successful was draining my bank account. Im still a member of several of

these programs that was the main upgrade because that was how to get all these special bonuses.

Now im just looking for that one free site with no hidden cost. Im open for suggestions.But in the

mean time im going to be trying a few sites and i will be posting my honest opinion on these sites.

I will have a link to these sites on this page which Im still working on. I havent a clue what im 

doing on building this page. Agin open to any and all suggestions. I would like to thank you 

for visiting my page, yours truly James Evans 

I have came across a site that I believe can make me a bunch of money, the site is called Cliqly,

I have alink to the site at the bottom of this page. Ive been a free member for going on 3 days 

and my list is over 6000 and growing everyday also Ive made close to $30. The way it works is

you sign up to be a free member you will recieve 200000 list building credits plus 750000 email 

credits plus you are given 5000 people for your list  and you email you list 15 times a day. You 

also send a email to 20000 other people twice a day to get them on your list now for every click 

on the 20000 you will recieve 10 cents. So you start making money right away. There are many

more ways to make money once you upgrade. So if your in this to make money then you really

need to click on the link and sign up 

Thank you hope to see you there

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