5 Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Visiting Bulgaria

driving in Bulgaria

If you're thinking of planning places to visit in Bulgaria this is a few things you need to know before making your plans for travel. Bulgaria is the most ancient country of Europe and is famous for its diverse natural beauty. The beautiful country is home to stunning mountain ranges, charming villages, beautiful castles, prehistoric monasteries and charming ruin sites. The country also provides excellent hospitality, tasty food and amazing hospitality. Avant travellers will discover this destination a great place to explore everything you can in one spot. Some parts of the country have retained their history enough that it will feel as if you've traveled back to the times gone by. It's also a great spot for budget-conscious travelers.

Before you begin your journey, know a few facts about the country. This will be of great help during your itinerary. Here are five facts you should learn about this fascinating nation.

It's more than a Beach Destination

Bulgaria is usually thought of as an ideal beach destination and its stunning coastline being one of the most popular. However, there are many other incredible places in the country. The coastline of Bulgaria is spectacular, however inland there are numerous amazing tourist attractions. If you're thinking Bulgaria is a purely vacation spot, you're mistaken. Once you really want to learn additional information about places to visit in Bulgaria, you've to browse excitingbulgaria site.

Weather in the Country

The country is characterized by the continental climate with very cold winters, where temperature ranges from -20o C/ -4o F and lots of snow, the summer are very hot with temperature ranging from 45o C to 40o C. There are four seasons in the country. The the springs here are lovely.

Bulgaria is a world-class ski destination, even if you visit it in winter. Whatever season you choose to visit Bulgaria take your luggage with you.


Although Bulgaria is situated within Europe but it isn't using the EURO. Instead, the currency of Bulgaria is called "lev" plurally and "leva in isolation. For instance, 100 lev and 5 leva. A good tip for those who are new to Bulgaria is to always withdraw money from the bank or use ATM. Avoid any exchange offices to stay clear of being swindled.

Cultural Practices

Every location has distinct ways of life and this is the case with Sofia Bulgaria. So, before you travel to the country, it is important to be familiar with some of the popular cultural practices in the country. You can shake your head to signify "yes" or nod for "no". When Bulgarians shake their heads, it is a sign of yes. If they don't nod it's a sign of not so, bear the concept in mind. Another practice that is commonplace is when you visit an area home in the country, don't forget to remove your shoes.

The most popular religion of the country is Christianity which is followed by more than 60 percent of the population embracing it.

How to Get Around

It's easy for people living in rural areas to get to the connected towns and cities. The great public transportation system allows you to move around in the country very fast and simple. The most affordable and simple method to travel around the country is to use public transportation. Of all modes of transportation, bus is the fastest.

Do not use Taxis and take public transport instead. The cost for the same distance are cheaper. If you opt for public transportation, you'll get a better insight over the local culture of the country.