The Integrated Odl Blinds Treatment

The Integrated Odl Blinds Treatment

Odl Blinds has designed a new concept of window treatment which is considered an integrated window treatment – for example, for kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation. This new window treatment is currently sweeping the...

The Integrated Odl Blinds Treatment

Odl Blinds has designed a new concept of window treatment which is considered an integrated window treatment. This new window treatment is currently sweeping the country. Odl Integrated Blinds are simply white aluminum slats that are sealed between two pieces of tempered safety glass. In other words, Odl Blinds are horizontal mini-blinds that are sandwiched between two sheets of glass. This treatment fits over your existing window and is ideal for the new home builder. These blinds are especially good as door blinds. They add privacy to a steel or fiberglass door and they protect the inside of the home from the hot sun. One of the best things about Odl Blinds is that they never need to be dusted and the cords never become entangled. This is the only blind of this sort on the design market today.


Blinds that are integrated between glass are efficient in several different ways. Not only are they dust free because of being encased in glass, but they can be raised, lowered and tilted with the touch of a fingertip. Odl Blinds are very energy efficient because being encased inside a door or window creates a more energy efficient wall or door. The blinds are child proof because the cords are on the inside and can never become tangled and the hardware can never become crushed. The blinds never warp or bend and there is also no drilling involved when installing Odl Blinds, therefore, creating less problems of extra holes in the door or window casement.

At the moment, Odl Blinds only come in standard sizes and so there if very little chance of a measuring error. Normally, when dressing a kitchen door one would install blinds of some variety. The disadvantage to this is that nobody likes swinging window treatments or hanging cords on their doors. These things disappear in Odl Integrated Blinds. Odl Blinds therefore, provide protection, privacy, safety, energy efficiency and convenience that all homeowners seek when decorating their new homes. These blinds are perfect for kitchen, patio and rear entry doors.

During a recent national poll, women said their first concern in cleaning their homes was dust. If you can eliminate dust on several elements in the home, the consumer is positively going to buy the product. In addition to being dust free, the simplicity of operation is another major advantage to Odl Blinds and they also carry a twenty year guarantee. Currently these blinds only come in the color white. But with the way this product has swept the market, the lack of a color choice does not seem to be a hindrance.




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