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How to see IG Story without getting caught

How to see IG Story without getting caught


IG Story is one of Instagram's features where users can create stories in the form of images and videos that can be equipped with text. Every Instagram user can create a story or story with a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

People who see the story, their name will appear on the list of viewers and be known by the story creator.

Now for those of you who want to tell people's stories on Instagram but don't want to be known, there is a way to do it, namely by using the Instagram Story Viewer service. A web service that can view people's IG Stories without getting caught.

Apart from seeing IG Story without getting caught, sites that provide this service also generally provide a feature to download the story that is viewed. The following are sites that provide Instagram Story Viewer services.

This American owned site is very simple and easy to use. You only need to type in your username and the profile (story + posts) is ready to watch. Beside it, it also provides variety of services such as IG Photo and Video Downloader, IG Profile Viewer etc.

This site provides an All-in-One service where it provides a variety of services at the same time on one website. The services they provide include: IG Story Viewer, IG DP Viewer, IG Photo & Video Downloader.

StoriesIG is not much different from other IG Story Viewer services, just by typing in the IG account username that we want to see the story, and can watch it immediately. This site is created by @jlobitu and can be used by the public.

Those are the three Instagram Story Viewer sites that I recommend. Everything doesn't require a login and can be accessed from a cellphone or computer browser (without having to install the application), so it's really easy to use.

Please note, IG Story that can be watched and downloaded can only be done on accounts that provide story settings for the public, not private or just friends.

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